Ultrasound Endoscopes & Probes

Why Keep Replacing When Our Repairs Can Save you £ Thousands?

Why Choose Us?

  • 40-70% compared to buying a new Ultrasound Endoscope
  • Certified repair of Ultrasound Probes with significant cost savings of up to 70%
  • Maximum benefits at low costs

Our partner repairs ultrasound endoscopes. Their ultrasound probe repair solutions are based on twenty years experience in the area of ultrasound. Thanks to their unique know-how and their specifically developed analytical methods they are now able to repair ultrasound endoscopes of all manufacturers in the high-tech laboratory.

A defective probe does not always need to be replaced. Learn more about the possibilities of replacing your probe — and be amazed about how much money you could save. 

A probe analysis identifies hidden problems, so repair/replacement can be planned and resolved before image or Doppler quality gets lost.

Replacement probes - an extensive stock of ultrasound transducers and spare parts for all manufacturers.