Rigid Endoscopes and accessories


Why Choose Us?

  • We supply the EMOS range, high quality scopes made in Germany
  • Semi-Flexible Ureteroscopes
  • Cystoscopes / Hysteroscopes
  • Arthroscopes
  • Laparoscopes
  • Sinuscopes / Otoscopes

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Benefits of our rigid endoscopes

Sapphire negative and sapphire window are soldered. That means: no glue, no leakage and no scratches.

Compatible with sheaths from different manufacturers. That means: easy compatibility with your existing instruments.

It is possible to etch your own label on the endoscope.

Made from stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.

The optics are sealed through laser welding where applicable.

Through the use of high quality components the image is clear and bright.