Our Specialist Partners

Since 1996 we, at Sovereign Surgical, have developed and increased the range of specialist repairs

Why Choose Us?

  • 40-70% savings on Manufacturers’ prices
  • Quality repairs with repair warranty
  • All major makes repaired
  • Minor repairs to complete rebuild

Since 1996, Sovereign Surgical have developed and increased the range of specialist repairs we offer to the point where we are able to repair the complete range of specialist instruments and at a fraction of the manufacturers’ prices.

We have been able to achieve this by sourcing the best repairers in the industry, worldwide, for each type of repair, with the most experience, best facilities and latest equipment, and establishing strong working relationships with these companies over many years.  Detailed below are examples of three of our partnerships with repair specialists in their respective fields.

Our repair specialist providing repairs for phaco hand pieces, harmonic scalpels and endoscope cameras for us has the following attributes:  their lead engineer was the lead design engineer for Alcon for 12 years and designed the Alcon 20k hand piece, still considered the most popular model in use today, and the Allergan Sovereign hand piece.  He trained all of Alcon’s technicians in the US and now trains all of our specialist partner`s technicians. All of the phaco hand pieces that we send to them for repair are fully rebuilt.  They service most makes and models of phaco hand pieces and cameras, as well as all the Ethicon models of harmonic scalpels.

Our repair specialist providing repairs for pneumatic, battery and electric orthopaedic power tools, shavers, cryo probes and Zimmer dermatomes for us has the following attributes: 

they have been repairing powered surgical equipment and accessories for 40 years.  The chief executive worked with and was trained by Dr. Hall of Hall Surgical fame. Dr. Hall is generally considered to be the inventor of pneumatically powered surgical equipment. Our speialist partner have over 24 trained repair technicians and are the oldest third party powered equipment repair facility in the world.

Our repair specialist providing repairs for flexible endoscopes, ureteroscopes, speciality scopes and other specialist equipment for us have the following attributes:  they have been providing quality surgical equipment repairs to hospitals worldwide for over 30 years.

They have a state of the art repair facility at their headquarters in the US and owned and operated satellite facilities in two separate sites elsewhere in the US.  They remain America’s largest provider of surgical equipment repair.  

All of our specialist repair partner companies repair instruments to the highest standard and can carry out all repairs, from minor adjustments to complete rebuilds. 

Our customers in the UK benefit from the wealth of experience, expertise and capability that our specialist repair partners possess and their capacity to turn round most repairs within 2 weeks (from the date the repair is authorised), even with volume repairs.

Sovereign Surgical are pleased to be able to offer these repairs to our customers at, up to 70% less cost than the manufacturers’ repair prices.  Often, manufacturers will not repair these instruments, only offering a service/exchange, or new replacement instead at even higher prices.

All of our specialist repairs are covered by a 6 month repair warranty.